St Peters Public School P&C Association is an active group of parents, carers and community participants who support St Peters Public School in St Peters, Sydney.
What does the St Peters Public School P&C do?


Our P&C Association is a not-for-profit organisation, established to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation. We facilitate change, progress and community engagement where we see the need. We help to shape the school to cater to the needs of its community, and to make a real difference for students and their future.

The P&C has in the past few years:


  • Provided the school with resources such as computer tablets, interactive smartboards, printers and much more

  • Raised funds for a variety of needs in the school

  • Won grants to fund infrastructure such as the kitchen garden, playground upgrades, water bubblers, shade structure, classroom refurbishment, and much more.

  • Facilitated programmes such as ethics classes, band, and more

  • Advocated on health, amenity and road safety issues for the school community

– please see our annual activity reports for more information


The main objectives of the P&C are:

  • To give parents a voice and effectively represent the needs of parents and children of the school

  • To fundraise for facilities and equipment to enhance the educational experience of our school

  • To provide a networking forum for parents

  • To engender an overall sense of community in the school

Your P&C team for 2022:

Office bearers:

• President: Kate Hafey

• Vice Presidents: Belinda Doley and Kelly Johanson

• Secretary: Alana Freeburn

• Treasurer: Emily Davis

Additional executive members:

Vanessa Freiinger, Nathalie Garcia, Belinda McLean, Deena Ramadan, Glenn Stevens, Julie Thomas,


• Ethics: Julie Thomas, Alana Freeburn, Deena Ramadan

• Fundraising: Belinda Doley, Vanessa Freiinger, Nathalie Garcia, Kate Hafey, Kelly Johanson, Deena Ramadan

• Inclusion: Belinda Doley, Alana Freeburn, Vanessa Freiinger, Kate Hafey, Kelly Johanson, Deena Ramadan, Sarah Watson

• Grants: Kate Hafey

• Music: Belinda Doley, Grace Johnston



Annual Activity Reports:

• 2016
• 2017
• 2018
• 2019
• 2020
• 2021

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St Peters Public School P&C Association is a member of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales.
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